PTYCP's Assistant Teacher brings a warm smile and a BIG heart to preschool, ready for a morning of learning adventures with friends- she loves EVERYTHING about our mornings together!  Mrs. Carmela is loved by our preschoolers, and there is something that makes her an extra special teacher; her youngest is a graduate of PTYCP!  Mrs. Carmela knows firsthand the care and dedication we shower our children and families with. 

For the past 5 years, she has facilitated a supporting role to young children's developmental growth; working with families to care for and nurture their children's developmental milestones through age-appropriate, safe, fun-loving experiences. She advances her expertise in Early Childhood Development and Education through Professional Development approved by OCFS, and is CPR-First Aid Certified.  She looks forward to growing with each child and their family, and looks forward to different, new experiences at preschool each day! 

Mrs. Carmela is a resident of West Harrison and lives with her husband and their two beautiful school-age children. Her favorite activities are centered around family time- outdoor play with her children, gatherings with extended family, and spending time with neighborhood families and their children. 

PTYCP Has My Heart

Just like your babies were nurtured and loved before they came into this world, so was Please and Thank You Children's Place!  

Creating PTYCP was greatly influenced by my own early childhood experiences, by learning and growing as a mother of three children, and of course, as an educator for over 17 years to many children in the community. Along the way, I envisioned a program where children would feel safe to play, learn, and grow.  This took many years of planning, organizing, and deep thought about every aspect of early childhood development.  Today, there is an air of harmony and peace at Please and Thank You Children's Place.  We look forward to playing and learning each day.  We wonder -about MANY things- and we happily share our lives with one another.  We are a family of friends, or as I like to say, a school family. PTYCP is everything I imagined it could be - a community of happy, healthy developing children. Providing this wonderful environment is a dream I am proud to offer to the community.  I am thankful to support, encourage and nurture little lives! 

Loving the early childhood years, working with families, and helping children to grow is, without a doubt, my true calling. My experiences working with children and their families in mainstream, special education, non-profit, and private settings have been a catalyst to furthering my calling.  In addition to these experiences, I hold a dual Master of Science in Education, and dual NYS Professional Teaching Certifications;  Birth - Grade 2 in Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities.    

Families can trust PTYCP's commitment and exceptional care for children's positive early learning and development.  I am confident that your child and family will have memorable experiences with our PTYCP school family!
Warm Regards,
Carmel Tuminaro, M.S.Ed.

Owner & Preschool Teacher

Researching Programs

Families searching for quality early childhood programs can view NYS Regulations, verify Program Licensing and Information, and Program Compliance Records through the OCFS web site.  This is one step toward making an important decision; finding a program you can trust with the most precious piece of your heart, where he or she will love, and grow, in as many ways possible!

Our preschool program provides families with peace of mind, positive experiences, and lasting memories for children.  We strive to provide quality programming and go above and beyond mandated licensing regulations.  Little ones enjoy their days together in our safe, nurturing, loving community!​

For more in-depth information about licensing regulations, developmental guidelines, and child care resources in Westchester,  please click the links below:



Why I Love PTYCP

PTYCP's Mission

PTYCP believes in a child's ability to learn, grow, and achieve his or her greatest potential.  By collaborating with families and by providing developmentally appropriate practices, we become a partnership which recognizes the fundamentals of early learning.  Our goal is to nurture and encourage the learning process across developmental domains for every unique individual.


We are proud to share our 100% Compliance History with NYS Office and Children and Family Services! We work diligently to secure children's health, safety and well-being. We are also a member of Child Care Council of Westchester.​​

Quality & Care

Mrs. Carmela, Assistant Teacher

Please and Thank You Children's Place, LLC